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Putin’ on the Heavy Weights: Putin and Medvedev Work Out, Grill Meat in Meeting

Putin’ on the Heavy Weights: Putin and Medvedev Work Out, Grill Meat in Meeting

Putin' on the WeightsIn Russia, an "informal meeting" means lifting and grilling.It’s not bear wrestling, but it’s close: Russian President Vladimir Putin joined Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev on Sunday for a little bit of lifting, and the Kremlin was all too happy to share photos of the “informal meeting.” We’re not entirely sure if the morning lift was meant to be serious or campily hilarious—that Russian sense of humor is so hard to read, you know?—but we do know this much: These dudes were dressed for the occasion. The Russian leaders showed up to the Bocharov Ruchei residence in the Black Sea resort wearing almost-but-not-quite-matching sweatsuits, aviator shades and some squeaky clean cross-trainers. (No… [Read entire post]

Cycop BiTool

Lightweight and compact yet full of features, the Cycop BiTool packs between five and ten bits — including hex, torx, Phillips, and flathead — within its hollow handle. But unlike most compact tools BiTool is also equipped with both a ratchet for quick tightening or loosening and a rotating head to adapt to tight spaces or for getting more leverage in high torque need scenarios. Plus, its bits snap in magnetically, making use of this attraction to hold loose screws as well. Learn more at Kickstarter – $30+ The post Cycop BiTool appeared first on GearHungry. [Read entire post]

Corkcicle Tumbler

Meet the can-do Corkcicle Tumbler, an all-action vessels for all occasions. Whether you’re looking to keep your tipples refreshingly chilled or soothingly hot, this triple-insulated stainless steel design promises to do so for up to nine hours. Choose from a range of colors available in a 16 or 24 ounce size. [Read entire post]

Sol Dux Cabin

The Sol Duc Cabin is what you can call lock up and go in the simplest form. This 350 square foot cabin has a full glass front wall that provides an excellent view of the Sol Duc River. This glass wall however is covered up by a large steel panel that slide on hardware that was originally designed for sliding […]Visit Man of Many for the full post. [Read entire post]

Ape City presents: Fashion Fridays with Good Trouble Clothing

From Bobby D’s in Redwood City to now, Ape City keeps the mixtapes coming and the shows bringing you that excitement you need. Along with Go Fetti and the Power Loop gang, we have somewhere to hustle after scarfing down that pastrami sandwich and cleaning up nice. Now we got good trouble clothing that is repping for all of the East Palo Alto area. Is the new renaissance here? Probably very quickly so! Swag from East Palo Alto. With all this swag, it’s time we bust out the dope rhymes from Jack when he is spitting game to a latina dame out here at the corner store: Be Your Man I first had a… [Read entire post]

Tumi x Public School

Photo: TumiEmerging fashion label Public School is bringing its award-winning talents to an exclusive new collection for Tumi. The centerpiece of the collection is Public School’s take on Tumi’s lightweight polycarbonate roller bags which have been given a unique exterior treatment that gives their Tegris material a fashion-forward edge. The rollers come in a medium and an international carry-on size that’s perfect for those who travel light. $795-$945, Tumi [Read entire post]

LG Rolly Portable Keyboard

Should you roll one up? Why not. A portable keyboard is a very useful device as long as it’s big enough to be comfortable yet small enough to be truly portable. LG’s Rolly fits that bill and the design rolls up into a stick. It’s got 4 rows of keys, 2 less than normal but width-wise it’s nearly full-size. When you’re ready to go, just roll it up, but no need to lick the edge. For purchase information, Click Here [Read entire post]

This Week in Motoring: August 31, 2015

Justin Wilson’s untimely death, a new convertible Smart, the return of the Ford Ranger and more. …Read More » [Read entire post]

Uber Is Offering Mad Max-Style Rides in Seattle

There’s a new Mad Max video game coming out September 1, so Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment hatched a plan to make everyone that doesn’t live in Seattle incredibly jealous. They partnered with UBER to offer rides in vehicles ripped straight out of the movie and the game that are piloted by Warboys. Trips are limited […] [Read entire post]

The Daily Heat Index: Mad Max and Uber Take Over Seattle

Here’s your daily dose of what’s heating up the internet:Oh, What a Lovely Day… to Uber Just for today, and only in Seattle, you can ride in a Mad Max-themed Uber. To promote the release of the film’s video game, Warner Bros and the tech transport company joined forces to give a few lucky riders the trip of a lifetime. The stipulations continue: you must also be going to and from the PAX Prime gaming convention. So basically, these pictures are the closest you’re gonna get to a trip through the wasteland.Tyga Wants You to Know He’s Dating Kylie Jenner In case you ever doubted that Tyga and Kylie Jenner were together, the 18-year-old joins … [Read entire post]